Aquatic Futures - The Art of Miles Cooper Kleykamp

Published on November 25, 2016

Miles Cooper Kleykamp is an Oakland based visual artist who specializes in ink, but as you can see in his work, has no problem integrating various mediums including paint, pastel and even some sculpture.

There are several common themes that find their way into Miles' work, notably sea creatures and robots. For me, this creates a fascinating dynamic between the oldest cradle of organic life and the future. And though the subject matter is seemingly highly contrastive, it is always executed in a harmonious way that, strangely, makes a whole lot of sense when you see it. The attention to detail and overall composition of the work is filled with movement and extremes that seem to invoke comic book art and even cartoons.

When asked where Miles draws inspiration from, he says that the natural themes come from his upbringing near the ocean. He mixes this environmental influence with a more abstract, philosophical interest in human consciousness and how technology interacts with nature. Miles is also influenced by a wide range of artists in styles that range from Renaissance masters, to surrealists, pop artists and comic book artists. If you look carefully, you can find bits and pieces of all these styles at play in his work.

Check out some of Miles Cooper Kleykamp's art below, and if you like his work, make sure to follow him on social media for more:

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