5 Normal Foods That Are Actually Disgusting

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Published on May 03, 2016

This article is directed specifically at western culinary sensibilities and our propensity for finding some food concepts oddly disgusting while having absolutely no problem eating other things. I am aware that many cultures around the world would not have the same hangups about food, and this article will not make much sense if you come from one of those cultures. If you grew up in the United States however, you've likely eaten some of these foods without flinching, while shunning other foods that aren't anymore disgusting when you put it in perspective.

So here are 5 normal foods that should be disgusting to you.

Lobster / Crab

Maine lobster is an expensive delicacy usually reserved for impressing a date. Likewise, crab cakes and crab legs are fairly expensive morsels on most restaurant menus. But here is my question. Would you eat a scorpion or a spider with the same enthusiasm? If you answered no, then your love of lobster and crab is a little hypocritical. These crustaceans are not only remarkably similar to insects and arachnids biologically, but they are in some ways even more disgusting since they spend their days eating gross stuff off the bottom of the ocean. I hear scorpion even tastes a lot like crab. So if you're okay eating a lobster, why not a scorpion?

Foie Gras

This is one of those classic, indulgent foods found in a lot of rich French cuisine. But do you know what this is? It is literally the liver of a duck or goose that has been force fed so that their organs swell up. This isn't just disgusting in the eating animal organs sort of way, but you're basically eating part of an animal that has been forcefully made obese and unhealthy. But damn it is delicious!


I will admit that the few times I've gotten to chow down on caviar it's been tasty. That doesn't change the fact that you're eating spoonfuls of fish eggs. Avian eggs are a common food item in most of the world, but when you start talking about other species' ovulate (because that's what it is) most people get a little more squeamish. Would you eat lizard eggs? What about frog eggs? Or how about insect eggs? So why is caviar so acceptable, and why is it so expensive!?


A little fungus can really add a lot to a dish. A topping on a salad, a nice addition to a stir fry, some truffle to add that smoky, I'm eating money flavor to just about anything. Well, mushrooms are pretty gross. They grow on rotting things and they help break down dead stuff. So next time you pop a mushroom in your mouth, think of the rotting, putrid environment that it was likely plucked from.

Bread / Beer

You might be saying, "what's so disgusting about bread and beer?" and you'd be right in assuming I'm going to tell you. Both bread (most varieties anyway) and beer contain yeast. Yeast, like mushrooms, is basically a type of fungus that thrives on rot and decay. What makes yeast even more disgusting when you think about it, is that it is the same thing that causes yeast infections in the you know where region. Won't stop me from drinking beer though.


I am not trying to say by any means you SHOULDN'T eat these foods. If anything, I'm saying you should be more adventurous with the things you eat. Try a scorpion, a snake, eat bugs!

Do you agree with this list? What are some other foods that are disgusting when you think about it in perspective? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Feature Image - Wormsandstuff - Wikimedia Commons

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