Gift Guide For The Man Who Has Everything


Published on December 19, 2016

We all know that guy who has everything. He has the newest TV, all the video game consoles money can buy and just loads of flashy, shiny objects littered about his place. So what do you get a guy who has everything?
Well we have a few ideas!
So maybe this should be the gift guide for the man who has ALMOST everything.

A Tank

Yes, a tank. This is actually something you can buy, and I think most men would be pretty keen to acquire a tank of their own. Thankfully, the tanks made available to the pubic are de-weaponized, and doubtfully street legal, but driving around in even a "harmless" tank must be a pretty awesome experience. So keep your eyes open for tanks for sale and make that man who has everything super happy!


A Spaceship

What man wouldn't want a spaceship? These can be pretty hard to come by, and they will cost a pretty penny, but NASA has been known to sell off its rockets in hard times. Similarly to the tanks mentioned previously, these spaceships aren't really flight ready, but even a flightless space shuttle sitting in the back yard will become quite the conversation starter for that man who has everything (now including a spaceship).

space shuttle

Lab Grown Hamburger

Maybe instead of buying an object for that man who has everything you'd like to take him out for  meal like none other? And what man doesn't enjoy a good hamburger? Well, science has recently figured out how to grow hamburger meat with no animal slaughter necessary. A burger like this will run you about $300k as of writing this, but it will assuredly be the most memorable meal that man who has everything has ever eaten.

a not lab grown hamburger

A Mech

Once again, yes, this is a thing you can buy. And once again, it will likely not be weaponized. But who cares? Mechs are rad. There are companies out there where you can actually purchase a drivable mech robot of your very own. Or in this case as a remarkably awesome and unusual gift for that man who has everything. Maybe you can get him the tank too and battle each other? Just a thought.

A Hippo

Pablo Escobar had hippos. So why not get the guy who has everything a pet that is considered one of the most dangerous animals in existence? Super awesome, super manly, and super thoughtful. Just keep in mind that, although getting your hands on a hippo is technically possible, there are some prerequisites that need to be in place if you want this gift to be legal. Such as the permits involved in owning this animal as well as the fact that owning a zoo or some sort of animal sanctuary is really the best route here. But hey, maybe getting that guy a whole zoo would be pretty sweet?


A Quantum Computer

So the man who has everything is constantly upgrading his collection of gadgets and electronics huh? Well, I bet he doesn't have a quantum computer! If you want to really impress that guy with a fancy gadget, pick up one of these bad boys that takes advantage of strange physics phenomena we don't even fully understand. I don't really know where you would find one, but I hear Google is working on something, so maybe reach out to them? I don't know. Just a thought.

So there you go!
Stop worrying about what to gift the man who has everything by getting him one of these awesome presents.
Have some ideas for other awesome gifts for that guy?
Let us know in the comments.

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