Hail Satan! - BOOMplop's 10 Best Film Devils


Published on April 25, 2016

Who doesn't love movies?
Who doesn't love Satan?
Who doesn't love movies with Satan in them?

In honor of our beloved prince of darkness, here is a list of BOOMplop's 10 favorite film devils in no particular order.

Al Pacino - Devil's Advocate

Al Pacino Devil's Advocate

Pacino as the devil in "Devil's Advocate" just makes sense, and I'm not sure anyone could have better presented this particular incarnation of satan. Pacino is cold, calculating and charming, kind of like a demonic Scarface. The Academy Award winning actor's performance also helps distract viewers from Keanu Reeves's strange southern surfer accent. Seriously, why didn't he just talk in his normal voice?

Tim Curry - Legend

Tim Curry Legend

Legend takes fantasy in a direction very few films not directed by Guillermo Del Toro manage to pull off successfully. Legend is trippy and creepy, and often has you asking "is this supposed to be a kid's movie?". Well, Tim Curry kicks the disturbing in "Legend" up considerably by donning an incredible prosthetic demon costume and bellowing in a, well, demonic voice. If only he had eaten Tom Cruise's soul...

Dave Grohl - Tenacious D & The Pick of Destiny

Dave Grohl Pick of Destiny

I don't really have to say much about this except: Dave Grohl looking like Tim Curry from Legend, having a crazy, satanic rock off with Tenacious D. This is like "hail Satan" 101.

Animated / Disney - Hell's Bells

Hell's Bells Disney

This little known Disney animation came out in 1929. It depicts damnation and eternal suffering in that fun irreverent Disney type of way!

Rosalinda Celentano - Passion of the Christ

Rosalinda Celentano - Passion of the Christ

I don't agree with Mel Gibson's politics. Or religious beliefs. Or psychopathy. But I gotta give him credit; he casts a good Satan. Not only does he take a nice approach by casting a woman, something that is actually implied in the Bible at times, but he casts one HELL of a woman! (hahaha get it?) Rosalinda Celentano is about as creepy as it gets in this role and gives all the men on our list a run for their money.

Peter Stormare - Constantine

Peter Stormare - Constantine

I must admit that I'm a sucker for movies like Constantine. Eye candy special effects, violence, dark themes. Also, a chance for Keanu Reeves to do what he's best at and redeem his performance in Devil's Advocate... and Dracula. Anyway, though only in the film briefly, Peter Stormare delivers an astounding Satan in Constantine! Stormare has that slimy, creepy, eat your babies thing down pat, so slap some disgusting makeup effects on him and he can pretty much just be himself.

Trey Parker - South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

Trey Parker - South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

Southpark's take on Satan is an empathetic study of a misunderstood outcast who just needs some love. Not only is this depiction of Satan hilarious and amazing but his song "Up There" is actually, no joke, one of my favorite musical numbers of all time

Emmanuelle Seigner - The Ninth Gate

Emmanuelle Seigner - The Ninth Gate

In the Ninth Gate, Emmanuelle Seigner depicts a more conniving and mysterious side of the devil. By fronting as main character Dean Corso's ally and presenting herself as genuinely helpful and kind, she leads him to essentially fulfill her own wishes.

Tom Waits - Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Tom Waits - Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

I love pretty much everything Tom Waits does, so maybe I'm a bit partial, but he is a great fucking devil in "Imaginarium". His voice alone has the power to freeze your soul, so in my opinion, you could put Tom Waits voice in Justin Bieber and you'd have a great devil. But add to that Waits's physical appearance and presence, then drop him into a Terry Gilliam nightmare, and you've got something uniquely creepy and worthy of the real Lucifer's approval.

Chernabog / Disney - Fantasia

Chernabog - Fantasia

I'm not sure if I'm surprised that Disney is on this list twice or not? Anyway, when I was a kid, I loved Fantasia, and it was almost solely for the Night on Bald Mountain scene. I'm actually pretty sure that this scene single handedly warped my mind and sent me into the warm embrace of Satan's love. The drama! The intensity! The Evil! In fact if you look Chernabog up on the Disney wiki, he is actually described as nothing but pure evil whose only motivation is chaos and havoc. That's fucking awesome.

So do you agree with our list? What are your favorite devil depictions in film? Leave a comment and tell us what you think. Oh, and hail Satan!

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