No One Does These Movie Cliches In Real Life


Published on May 23, 2016

Destroying all their shit when they get angry

For some reason, people in movies always smash all their shit when they get angry. You know the scene; there's an emotional apex and someone swipes everything off the table and starts throwing shit on the ground. I'm guilty of breaking an item here and there when I'm angry, but never anything too valuable let alone everything in the room I'm currently in. I guess the idea here is to emphasize just how angry the character is, but when you really pay attention, its a pretty weird and antisocial way to deal with emotions.

Panda smashing office

Wearing sunglasses in public to be inconspicuous

Sure, sunglasses cover your face a little bit, making it slightly obfuscated, but they don't make you invisible. Nevertheless, many movies seem to imply that sunglasses can make you completely unrecognizable. What's even more bizarre about this movie cliche is that characters trying to stay incognito by wearing their magical sunglasses are often the only ones wearing them in a public place. Sure, you're at the beach or in a sunny outdoor setting, sunglasses make sense. You're the only people in a crowded restaurant wearing sunglasses? If anything you're going to draw more attention to yourself.

Pug weiring sunglasses
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Explaining entire devious plan before it's completed

How many times have we seen this scene in a movie? The protagonist has been captured, and they're tied up or in some sort of make shift jail cell. Then, the evil villain decides to describe in great detail their plans for taking over the world or whatever evil goal they have. The villain then skips off to enact their plot leaving the hero alone, or at best, guarded by some expendable, undertrained henchman. Yada yada yada, predictable story arch. I'm sure this has happened once or twice in the real world, but I assure you that the caliber of villain generally portrayed in the movies would not be so brash as to give away important details of their plots until AFTER they had pulled them off.

Evil cat laughing
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Giving up a great job / comfortable life to follow dreams

I'm sure this happens every once in awhile, but I can't imagine it's a common occurrence. Usually this happens in movies where the story is actually based around a character, unhappy with their lucrative Wall Street, corporate office job rediscovering their youthful passion for surfing or some shit and leaving their comfortable upper middle class life to pursue their childhood dreams. All I can say about this one, is I've NEVER met someone with a cushy job and a mortgage who one day woke up and said; "you know what? Fuck it. I'm going to live in a beach shack and paint pictures of lizards from now on". I will say that I WISH people would drop out and pursue their passions more often, but it just doesn't usually work that way.

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