PROOF That Man Walked With Dinosaurs


Published on April 02, 2016

Scientists think they're so smart with their fossil records and geology.

They say that the Earth is billions of years old, when it is obviously much younger than that.

Their "evidence" is all based on hypothetical "math" and "experimentation" that can't even be observed with our god given senses.

Well, at long last, we have undeniable, OBSERVABLE proof that the Earth is much younger than foolish scientists believe it is.

Recently, a perfectly preserved polaroid photograph was found in a church basement that clearly shows a human man and a dinosaur walking together through a primordial forest.

Just look for yourself:

Proof man walked with dinosaurs

Anyone with half a brain knows that polaroid photos were around long before digital technology, so you can't fake something like this.

It completely nullifies hundreds of years of scientific discoveries.

Evangelicals score another one for the big guy in the sky!

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