Tale of a Small Town Weed Dealer - Part 1

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Published on January 13, 2016

Disclaimer: This article is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only. BOOMplop does not in any way condone or suggest committing crimes. Some of the events in this story could likely lead to your arrest, injury or worse. Further more names and locations have in many cases been changed or anonymized.


We always see movies and hear stories about drug dealers rising to notoriety and success. The thing is, most of these stories seem to focus on places like New York, Miami and Los Angeles. But what about small town USA? Who runs the drug trade there? How do the inhabitants of the thousands of US podunks satiate their chemical needs?

In this multipart story we will shed light on one small town drug dealer. Though some of the words have been changed, all the events are true.


Part 1: Getting Into the Biz

It's funny, when I was a kid I was adamantly against drug use of any kind. I thought cigarettes and pot were the gut fuel of psychos and deviants. Well, that all changed pretty much the instant I got to high school. I started hanging out with some older kids who introduced me to smoking pot, drinking alcohol and myriad other recreational substances. Sometime during freshman year, I invested in my first bag of weed.

Pretty soon, I was buying at least a bag a week. I was also often picking up extra for my friends who weren't as immersed in certain circles as I was. Eventually, the people I was buying from, who were just conduits at the time really, introduced me to their dealers and connections (probably so I would stop annoying them). This was when I started thinking about profits.

I'm not sure why of all the people I knew, I was the one who decided to try and make money off selling marijuana (and occasionally more powerful substances). Most of my friends smoked. Maybe it was serendipity, maybe it was my personality, or the people I knew. I don't know. But the fact is, I wove my way through the labyrinth of small town dealers until I found what I consider my first serious connection.

Where I'm from, there weren't too many people you'd probably classify as 'drug dealers'. Most people got their stuff from someone who knew someone who went to the city to get it. That type of thing. I saw an opportunity to capitalize on this when I met my guy.

My connection, let's call him Bill, lived in the closest decent sized city, which was about an hour away. We would set up meeting spots where I would pick up a couple pounds of marijuana. I would then carefully transport the goods back to my town for distribution.


Part 2: A Streamlined Operation

Like I said before, pretty much all my friends smoked, so it wasn't too difficult getting people I trusted to either make a few bucks or some free pot in exchange for their help. The first thing I made sure to do was minimize my direct contact with buyers. I recruited a few people who I would sell maybe a half pound or a pound to and they would handle the direct sales. I also recruited some friends in neighboring towns to buy from me and handle operations in their location.

As I recruited 'big buyers', I also had to start increasing what I was buying. I was unloading 5 - 7 pounds a week at this point. It may not sound like that much, but keep in mind my town had a population of about 2500 people. I was the guy whether they knew it or not. At this point, my connection was having trouble keeping up with the demand. I once again had to graduate.

Though my point of contact didn't change, the way I was getting my product did. I was to receive a package, through a well known parcel service, containing what I needed. I was smart enough to know the risks of this, so I would find someone who wasn't and pay them 20 bucks to pick up the package. I'm still a little amazed that they never asked questions. Maybe they suspected what it was and just didn't care.

Shit was good. I was getting 2-3 packages a week at different locations, in different names, clearing up to 10 pounds a week and distributing throughout the entire county. I was making money, my friends were making money, but as these stories always seem to go, things were about to change.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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