Original Web Comics

Check out some of the unique and original web comics only available at BOOMplop. If you are a comic artist and would like us to consider your comic for the site feel free to contact us.

Comics Jul 15, 2016
Demon Master Cat sees a demon emerging from a portal

Have you ever wondered what your cat is thinking? What he is staring at? Or maybe why he does the strange things he does? Well, now you can find out in this new web comic series by BOOMplop.

Comics Jul 06, 2016
Gaspard and Crnf walking into the cave they found in the wasteland

Gaspard and Crnf find a cave in the wasteland and see something very unusual in the process...

Comics May 01, 2016
Somewhere in Hell, a cartoon man driving sees a road sign and every direction points to Florida

In Hell, choice is nothing but an illusion. Every choice you make will always lead to the same tortuous outcome and your eternal suffering.

Comics May 01, 2016
A cartoon man and a mutant angler fish attacking a mutant goat with a fork

Life beyond the scrap heap is even more difficult on Fup Ansta. But some have learned how to make it in the expansive outer desert.

Comics Apr 05, 2016
A cartoon space man and little creature walking through Fup Ansta

As Captain Anka ventures into the vast labyrinthine scrap heap, he comes across some signs of life and some unexpected company.