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Games Jul 20, 2017
Which Dreamy Hunk Are You Facebook Quiz

Take this short quiz to match your personality with one of these world-class, super dreamy hunks! Which dreamy hunk are you?

Games Jan 30, 2017
The nonsense robot says lots of nonsense

This robot says some crazy ass shit... But if you listen closely, sometimes nonsense can have far more substance than the most thought out statements... Probably not though.

Games Oct 25, 2016
HTML5, Canvas, Javascript online drawing application

A very simple online drawing app. Waste some time, draw a dick, or some boobs or somethin.

Games Mar 12, 2016
Trump's Dump - A Game of Political Pooping

Donald Trump is trying to shit on America! How long can you fend off the shit storm before it overtakes Merica?

Games Feb 14, 2016
Killman HTML5 game screenshot

A twist on classic hangman. Instead of saving him, you must electrocute him.