If you follow BOOMplop you’ve probably noticed we haven’t posted much in the past few months.
Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere and there is a very good reason for our silence…

Over the past six months or so, we discovered a few things about ourselves, our brand and the media world we live in.

Let’s start with our own internal struggles and discoveries.
As is the case with anything, sometimes you have to try things to find out if you enjoy them.
In the case of BOOMplop there has been a lot of discovery over the past couple years.
We started our brand as a way to express our strange ideas and hopefully entertain people in the process.
But as time went on we found ourselves inching closer to the stereotypical “youtuber” type of content creation.
We began trying to force ourselves to pump out video content far faster than we were really comfortable with and as a result the content began to suffer a bit.
The type of video content we are interested in just isn’t really conducive to quick output and focusing on doing things the YouTube way meant that we weren’t making what we wanted to make the way we wanted to make it.
In addition, over the past year YouTube has taken some turns for the worse in terms of a publishing platform, at least for content like ours, so even if we were able to pump out a video or two a week, we just aren’t “vanilla” or family friendly enough for that platform.
We will still be maintaining our YouTube channels and using them as a tool in our arsenal, however we will not attempt to pander to YouTube or similar platforms in any way.
We are refocusing on producing the content we like to make and taking our destiny into our own hands.
If it takes 1, 3, 6, 12 months or more to produce a video (we like the term film), so be it.

We are also limiting article output (like these!) simply because we aren’t huge writers / bloggers. We will still be posting articles from time to time, but there will be much less emphasis on our site in the future. More on this later…

We started a podcast!
This is something we will be putting a lot of time into going forward.
We started podcasting / streaming on twitch (twitch.tv/boomplop) and this format is very natural for our sensibilities. So keep an ear to the tracks for live streams weekly. Follow us on Twitter (@_boomplop) instagram (@boom.plop) and our social media to get notified whenever we go live.

More games (hopefully).
Now I will switch to “I” and “me” pronouns for a moment, because I can only speak for myself here. I really want to create more games for our site. I truly enjoy creating interactive worlds with an artistic spin, and love the idea of free to play online games that are unique and don’t suck. The hopefully above refers to the fact that even the most basic game can take a loooooooong time to finish, so there are things on the horizon, but they will take time.

And one of the biggest things coming down the pipes is a brand new website!
We’ve been working / planning this for quite some time and it is now in the initial development stage.
This new site is a 100% custom platform designed for BOOMplop with our needs and our users’ needs in mind.
It will be far more focused and structured around the type of content we are focusing on going forward and we hope it will help people get to the content they want quicker and kill time effectively and efficiently!

So that’s about it for now.
Just some updates on what we are up to and the future of BOOMplop.
We’ve been building our brand for quite some time and it seems we are just starting to truly understand our own goals and desires.
So we hope to have you along on our journey to break all the brains!