Pickem's Tiny Adventure


Published on November 19, 2018

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Technical Stuff / Compatibility

Pickem's Tiny Adventure is a free to play, action / adventure game that works in most modern browsers. It is also mobile friendly and should work on many modern mobile devices. With that said, the web can be an inconsistent place and I recommend Chrome as most of my development and testing is done in that browser, whether Chrome on desktop or Chrome on mobile. The game also makes use of some fairly new web technologies, so using a non-recommended browser or an older device is done at your own risk. I just don't have the time and resources to ensure a free game is compatible with every device, OS and browser out there. Other than that, I did put a good amount of time into keeping the resource footprint of the game fairly low, so a fairly modest system should run the game without much issue.

Want me to spend more time on compatibility and updates in the future? Consider donating on Patreon!

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Technologies Used

The game is built in Javascript, and I coded it in ES6.

I used PhaserJS which is an amazing, open source game framework that I love, so also consider supporting them if you like people like me making free stuff for you to play!

Graphics are 100% mine, made in photoshop. I may consider putting my sprites and tilesets up for download one of these days, with the caveat that use would require a credit.

And for music, I actually used a sweet little web app called beepbox. It's somewhat limited but ended up being perfect for my needs.


You play as Pickem, the greatest warrior in the forest kingdom. After being summoned by the king to be honored for your deeds, things go awry and you must embark on a quest to save the kingdom. You will traverse the land, trusty sword in hand as you meet many interesting characters, solve puzzled and fight your way to the end.


On desktop there are several keys you can use to control Pickem:

W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys - Move Pickem

SHIFT - Use sword / interact

Z or ENTER (return) - Use secondary item / interact

- Switch secondary item


On mobile controls are as follows (and see image below):

Left Circle / Virtual Joystick - Move Pickem

Top Right Square - Tap to interact or use secondary item. Hold to switch secondary item.

Bottom Right Square - Use sword / interact


That's all for now!

Enjoy the game, I put more time than I'd care to admit into it.

Report bugs to me on twitter: @_BOOMplop or just throw some love my way! And don't forget to share with others.

And again, if you like my stuff and want to consider donating to help me make more games, check out my Patreon or reach out to find other ways to contribute. I have a lot of ideas, but games take a loooooong time and a lot of resources to make, even if they look like they belong on Gameboy.

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