Pickem's Tiny Adventure

Published on November 19, 2018

An Adventure Game In Your Browser

Pickem's Tiny Adventure is a free to play, action / adventure game that works in most modern browsers. It is also mobile friendly and should work on many modern mobile devices.

You play as Pickem, the greatest warrior in the forest kingdom. After being summoned by the king to be honored for your deeds, things go awry and you must embark on a quest to save the kingdom. You will traverse the land, trusty sword in hand as you meet many interesting characters, solve puzzles and fight your way to the end.

Recommended Play Environments

Use the following compatibility information to get the best possible game experience. As we test different combinations of devices and browsers, or release game updates, this information may change from time to time.

  • Browsers: Chrome
  • Orientations: Landscape
  • Browsers: Chrome
  Gamepad (recommended if supported)
  • MOVE:   D-Pad
  • SWORD / INTERACT:   A or X
  • USE ITEM:   B or Ο
  • SWITCH ITEM:   Y or
  • MOVE:   Arrow Keys or W A S D
  • SWORD / INTERACT:   Shift
  • USE ITEM:   Enter or Z
  Mobile Controls
  • MOVE:   Left virtual d-pad
  • SWORD / INTERACT:   right / botton button
  • USE ITEM:   right / top button
  • SWITCH ITEM:   hold down top right / top button
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