A Strange Alien World

Fup Ansta is a BOOMplop original comic series that takes place on an alien world inhabited by many strange characters. Occasional cultural commentary and a good deal of slapstick carry this sci-fi world and its residents through many adventures and situations.

Comics Jul 06, 2016
Gaspard and Crnf walking into the cave they found in the wasteland

Gaspard and Crnf find a cave in the wasteland and see something very unusual in the process...

Comics May 01, 2016
A cartoon man and a mutant angler fish attacking a mutant goat with a fork

Life beyond the scrap heap is even more difficult on Fup Ansta. But some have learned how to make it in the expansive outer desert.

Comics Apr 05, 2016
A cartoon space man and little creature walking through Fup Ansta

As Captain Anka ventures into the vast labyrinthine scrap heap, he comes across some signs of life and some unexpected company.